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Who We Are

Aliaro was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2014 by a group of people with different expertise within software testing, hardware development and entrepreneurial drive. We had all experienced the increased need of more flexible and modular test solutions together with the requirement to have information available 24/7 through the cloud.

We decided in a very early state to build long term relationships with a few number of partners such as National Instruments and became a NI Alliance Partner in 2015. We do not have the ambition to be the largest test system provider but instead the most available and suitable on the market. We have also focused to ensure that our collegues will have a secure, inspired and stable workplace by signing a collective bargaining agreement.

Based on years of knowledge in developing test platforms for all kind of industries we decided to focus on develop one common platform to service them all. With the powerful words like flexible, modular, re-usable and future-proof we went back to the design table and created something awesome. We decided to call it KADRO. KADRO is in Esperanto and means framework and that suited our purpose in a perfect sense. Today is KADRO a part of many of our test solutiosn

Our Test Platforms can be applied both for testing in production and in research and development. Aliaro works with awesome partners like National Instruments that supplies us with state-of-art hardware and software.

Our History