The 12 channels KADRO-MBP-12 module is a flexible and unique module that connects the test object and loads to the test system in a SLSC chassi.
By using software the pins on the module can be modified, which enables the users to update the HIL system setup without changing hardware.
The board provides signal conditioning and switching capabilities on each channel. Each pin can route either AI/AO/DI/DO/PWM and, by default, fault injection on all pins.

KADRO-MPB-12 in NI SLSC chassi

Application areas

Signal conditioning:

  • On board digital signal conditioning, adjustable threshold (+/- 30V)
  • Add-on modules for: o Current and Voltage amplifiers. o Resistance emulator

Signal switching:

  • Brake up switch for each channel
  • Two switches for each channel to common buses.
  • Suitable for both digital and analog fault insertion.
  • Provides build-in test for system check.

Configuration and monitoring in VeriStand

  • Easy operation using NI Veristand
  • Includes Custom Devices in Veristand



  • Digital signal conditioning of each channel (1-12) with configurable threshold (+/- 30V)
  • Status monitoring of each channel
  • Interface for signal conditioning add-on modules
  • Two common buses with switches to each channel

Electrical parameters:

  • Power supply: 24VDC, +/-10%
  • Operating voltage range: -60- +60V
  • Max continuously current : 10A /ch.
  • (Max 40A by parallel channels)
  • Max peak current: 100A/1s
  • 100V channel isolation
  • Channel bandwidth (50Ω): 1 MHz
  • Channel to channel isolation: (50Ω/1MHz): 60dB

More information

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