16 Channel Resistor Emulation Board


The KADRO-RES-16 is a 16-channel resistor emulation board for applications requiring simulation of resistive sensors. The KADRO-RES-16 is designed for the National Instruments (NI) Switch Load Signal Conditioning (SLSC) system, to be used in Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) simulators.

The board interfaces NI PXI and/or Compact-RIO instrumentation devices for the purposes of developing, verifying, and validating electronic control unit software and hardware. By using software, such as Aliaro Configurator, the pins can easily be configured and deployed in NI VeriStand

KADRO-RES-16 in NI SLSC chassis (together with KADRO-MPB-12)

Application areas

  • Hardware in the Loop (HIL) testing
  • Fault insertion i.e. validation of faulty wiring or corrupt sensors
  • Emulation of sensors with multi functionality


  • 60V, 110mA per channel
  • 16 independent and isolated channels
  • 16 programmable channels for resistor emulation
  • 50 seconds programming resistance sequence
  • 2 Expansion Slots for Add-on boards
  • Two common buses per bank with switches to each channel
  • Brake up switch for each channel
  • Pull up and pull down on each channel
  • Wide resistance range
  • LabVIEW driver included
  • Custom Device Driver for Veristand included
  • Compatible with NI VeriStand

More information

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