The xMove concept contains standardized processes and components in order to provide a customized system for test or simulation of industrial and automotive electronics.

The xMove concept contains standardized processes, parts and components for the testing of electronic control units (ECU).
Aliaro solution uses standard PC technology with real-time or Windows OS. The hardware is based on commercial components combined into a system for testing a single ECU or a network of ECU’s. The larger system distributes the I/O and can be scaled to test up to 25 ECUs (>2000 signals). Today 40 xMove test systems are in use in over 4 continents.

Application areas

  • Functional and performance testing
  • HIL simulation (real-time testing)
  • Production and repair test


xMove software components and modules supports National Instruments’ platforms TestStand and VeriStand, executed on Windows XP/7/10 hardware or using LabVIEW real-time targets. xMove platform may also be integrated with dSpace systems or other software platforms.

Fault Insertion Unit – GOBI board

The Gobi board provides signal conditioning and fault insertion. Digital signal conditioning is built-in and analogue signal conditioning is provided by adding single channel modules. Standard modules like amplifiers, attenuators and computer controlled resistors can be combined with customized modules. The fault insertion functions are both simple (to GND and VSS) and advanced, using injected signals (requires additional instruments). For detailed information, see our datasheet of the Gobi board.