GOBI - Fault Injection, Signal Conditioning


The Gobi FISC (Fault Injection, Signal Conditioning) board prov ides a flexible solution to connect the Device Under Test (DUT) to the computerized I/O, for simulation and test.Gobi provides customized signal conditioning for test during no rmal conditions. Furthermore, Gobi has break-up and short-circuit functionality for testing abnormal conditions, required when testing robustness and system safety.


Application Areas

  • Functional test
  • HIL test
  • Production test
  • Repair test
  • Robustness and system safety test


  • 16 channels per board
  • 60V/15A with ability to group channels for higher currents
  • Fault injection: open circuit, short circuit to supply, ground or other channel
  • Built in digital signal conditioning to/from TTL levels
  • Measurement point and LED status indication on front
  • Galvanic isolation between test channels and on-board electronics
  • Piggy-back area for custom signal conditioning and loads
  • Over-voltage protection and soft-fuses using temperature monitoring
  • Computer controlled through RS232/RS485 network with open protocol
  • Shipped with LabVIEW driver and interactive GUI